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Robby Maninoff, a budding young pianist, is preparing for an important performance. Teaming up with a friend on harp and a friend on cello, the concert stage is set, tickets have sold out—the stakes could not be higher. The trio practices morning till night. Robby’s mom is just a bit concerned that he’s not getting enough nutrients, but no worries, he reassures her. He’s doing fine with a trusty box of cookies at his side. Who needs vegetables, anyway? Robby is stoked! That is, until one night as he settles into a hot bath and notices that the suds have picked up more than dirt; all of Robby’s color is going down the drain! Mom quickly calls Uncle Louie, the local wishing fairy, who flies right over with a chlorophyllic solution—broccoli with garlic sauce. Robby has no choice but to eat it. And fortuitously, he loves it! Trading in cookies for broccoli, he ferociously eats his way back to his handsome self in time for a glowing recital. Encore! BROCCOLI ROBBY is a cautionary tale about what happens when frogs don’t eat their greens. Written in a style reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, Rosalinde Block’s words and vibrantly colorful illustrations create an entertaining read for kids of absolutely ALL ages!
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