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Meet Julia— beautiful, happy, confident, kind and compassionate—her elephance reigns supreme. But…it wasn’t always like that. 

Julia and her best friend—Abena the Rabbit—attended ballet school. There Julia started to feel self-conscious. She felt ugly in her tutu. She was embarrassed to wear her leotards. To make matters worse, Abena was the teacher’s favorite. She could leap the highest; but rabbits are like that. Julia practiced ballet positions at home. But more often she just sat on her stool and looked in her mirror and wished she could be dainty and thin like Abena. And that’s how it all happened…! She wished so hard that she morphed! The next morning she WAS a rabbit. Alas, the day did not unfold as Julia would hope. Ballet was a bust. Back at the mirror that night she wished to be morphed back and soon re-emerged big and beautiful. 

Julia is an inspiration. She loves what she sees when she looks in the mirror. She takes good care of herself. She feels beautiful in her clothes. She gives advice to her friends when they’re feeling bad about themselves. Her experience, strength and hope is very helpful, even though she’s still a young girl. 

There was a report on CNN pointing out that “kids as young as five are concerned about body image” and how “fat is the new ugly on the playground.” I agree. Like Julia, I too was a youngster when I started picking and pulling at myself, comparing myself to other girls. Years later I saw a segment on NBC’s Today Show discussing how “a whopping 97 percent of women admitted to having at least one ‘I hate my body’ moment every day.” Ouch. 


Great Message For Girls: This is a wonderful and fun way for girls to learn to love and celebrate themselves. We all know that as a culture we have not completed the work that needs to be done to teach girls to accept their bodies and themselves as unique and beautiful. Children need to learn this early, and wonderful books like this get the message across effortlessly. Kids need to have fun - and if girls never learn the destructive habit of hating their bodies they will grow up to be women who have fun! It's great that a children's book - which is also beautifully illustrated - can also do so much good. Bravo!...


What society needs!: I read this book EVERY weekend and love it every time!! Julia Morphs uses poetry to shed light on a very real and pertinent part of growing up in today's society. So many young girls have body image and self confidence issues and this book addresses the topic in a way that encourages and praises individuality and acceptance. I am twenty eight years old and do not have a daughter, but I will be sure to purchase more copies for my Goddaughter and younger cousins who will inevitably face these same issues. I absolutely LOVED this book and am looking forward to more stories from this author. Thank you for addressing these issues in such a creative, yet relevant style..."


A great story with a great message: My daughters (ages 12 and 8) and I all love this book! It delivers an incredibly important message about loving yourself for who you are, but it does so with extraordinary warmth and wit, thanks to Block's fun rhymes and fantastic illustrations. Perfect for all ages. Three cheers for Julia!..."

Where there were no resources that I knew of to help me through those painful feelings when I was growing up, today there are many books, links, organizations and websites that address body image and self-esteem. Julia brings this empowering message to a young audience with appropriate and engaging language and bright imagery. And yet she still resonates with an older audience. Like a favorite Dr. Seuss book, Julia’s story will live on bookshelves for the ages; her parable is one for posterity. Winner of the 2016 Mom’s Choice Award and endorsed by ABT star Misty Copeland as well as the International Baccalaureate, Julia couldn’t be arriving at a better time. She embodies self-acceptance and self-worth. Julia is the quintessence of girls big and small—graceful and galumphy. 


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