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Eddie lives in New York City on the Upper West Side.  He knows the best pizza, the best Chinese take-out and the best toy store in the neighborhood.  He knows the best subway stops on the 1, 2 and 3 lines. He lives right next door to the best playground in the neighborhood. ONLY ME, a chapter book for grade-schoolers, is a flashback to when Eddie was in kindergarten, a very important age to come to terms with things that don’t feel very best at all. For Eddie, that would be the fact that he is an only child. And no, it doesn’t matter that there are kids all over the world who don’t have siblings. This is Eddie’s story. ALL HIS.


Eddie has wonderful friends, but they're not his siblings. And what happens when they can't hang out?


  In Eddie’s building lives Big Boy Ryan, also an only child.  Eddie worships him, but Big Boy Ryan can’t be bothered.

  Eddie's cousins are twins. They have each other. What about him?

He even has a half brother and half sister from Dad's first marriage. But that doesn't count either.

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