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Christopher Crane

goes to Habitat for Humanity.

Sparkly and beautiful and ready for its ribbon-cutting, Mayor Bigwig suddenly decided to scrap the deal. The buildings were demolished, the equipment was removed from the site, yet in the midst of the mayhem, Christopher Crane got left behind.

Once upon a time in Bigwig City, near the Bigwig Arms, behind Bigwig Towers and a half mile down Bigwig Boulevard from Bigwig Plaza, home of the BigwigTimes and WBIG-TV, Christopher Crane and the rest of the Bigwig Construction Crew had just finished building the Bigwig Complex.

Many years went by, when one

day Oscar and his brother,

Little Theo, were in the park playing on Jungle Jim, everybody’s favorite climbing toy. It was there that they heard a voice crying from the ground, “Help me!” Not knowing if one of their friends was trapped, they started digging, when suddenly two big eyes popped out from the dirt... and... and... wait till you see what happens!

CHRISTOPHER CRANE was written and illustrated in 2010,  ironically (and prophetically) long before today’s political maelstrom. This story tells about altruism—the one thing we can all give that’s priceless- doesn’t cost a dime or a zillion dollars!